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St Michael and St John's

Roman Catholic Primary School

Following the example of Jesus, together we learn, love and respect one another to be the best we can be.

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School Logo

St Michael and St John's

Roman Catholic Primary School

Following the example of Jesus, together we learn, love and respect one another to be the best we can be.


Andy and the Odd Socks visit!


On Tuesday the 21st of January Andy and the Odd Socks came to visit us!


They met our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors, performed some of their songs for us and the children got to ask them lots of questions. The children had a brilliant afternoon and I'm sure it is an experience they will never forget. 


Over 13,000 schools entered the competition so we were very lucky to win!


Below are some pictures from the afternoon. You can also look on Class Dojo, Facebook or Twitter for lots of pictures and videos from the day!

The 4 R's


We believe it is important for children to understand their learning and how it can be improved. We have adopted Professor Guy Claxton's 4 R's approach. Professor Claxton proposed the 4 R's as part of his theories on 'Building Learning Power'-that psychological traits and skills effect how a person engages with learning challenges. 


The 4 R's are:


  • Resilience-this encourages learners to manage distractions and resist giving up, to ensure they maintain positive views of themselves as learners. 
  • Resourcefulness-learners are persuaded to use a range of learning strategies and not to rely solely on the teacher. 
  • Reflectiveness-learners are encouraged to think about their learning, to use appropriate learning vocabulary, and to plan and assess their own work. 
  • Reciprocity-learners can work effectively in groups and know when it is appropriate to work on their own and with others.


Please click on the PowerPoint below to learn more about the 4 R's. 

Learning Muscles 


Learning muscles link to our 4 R's. Each of the R's has a group of learning muscles. Just as we can build up our physical muscles with the right kinds of exercise, we can exercise our learning muscles to build up their strength and stamina. Each of these muscles can be individually trained, nutured and exercised. 


Please click on the PowerPoint below to learn about each of the learning muscles. 

Growth Mindset


We encourage our children to have a 'growth' rather than 'fixed' mindset.


A growth mindset refers to a way of thinking, learning and approaching new and unfamiliar challenges. 


A person with a growth mindset is open and responsive to feedback, willing to take on new challenges, pushes themselves outside of their comfort zone, and shows resilience and perseverance. 


Please click on the PowerPoint below to learn more about fixed and growth mindsets. 

Mental Health

Health and Well-being Week 2019


As well as learning about health and well-being in class we did Wake Up, Shake Up on the yard every morning, had a fun afternoon completing a range of activities on the field and we finished the week with Sports Day!


Internet Safety Day 2019


The whole school has been learning about how to be safe online at an age appropriate level.

Y6 spent the week completing the 'Be Internet Legends' scheme and all received a certificate and sticker at the end of the week for being internet legends. You can see a picture of them with their certificates below. 


One of our governors (who is a police officer) also came in to talk to our Y5 and 6 children about being safe online. 


Mental Health Week 2019


During Mental Health Week we considered what mental health is, why it is important and how we can maintain and improve our mental health. We also took part in Show and Tell Day and the children brought in and/or spoke about something that they are proud of or enjoy doing. 


One Goal


Over the past two years One Goal have been in our school completing fun sessions with classes. They taught the children to have a six habits mindset.  


The six habits are: 


  • Attitude-challenging children to think differently and have a positive mindset. 
  • Behaviour-empowering children to be leaders and to take responsibility for their actions. 
  • Courage-teaching children to take risks an to do what is right even in the face of fear. 
  • Determination-encouraging children to be fully committed and focused on achieving their goals. 
  • Enthusiasm-inspiring children to approach their life and learning with passion and curiosity. 
  • Friendship-helping children learn the social and team skills to cultivate caring and supportive relationships. 


Colouring competitions!


Some of our children have been busy organising and carrying out colouring competitions in school to raise money for charities such as Cancer Research and Diabetes UK. Well done!


Health and Well-being Week 2018


During Health and Wellbeing week the children have been learning about health and well-being in class, enjoyed wake up, shake up sessions every morning on the yard before school, every class has taken part in a mile run and we finished the week with a wonderful sports day in the sun! 

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